In a story rich with warmth and humor, Victoria Pade brings us the second book of her Strummel Investigations series, THECASEOFTHEMAYBEBABIES (4H). A charming CEO returns from his daily jog to find two babies on his bedroom floor. The P.I. called in to help is anxious to keep her professional distance...but he and those babies are so darned cute. Ms. Pade will delight!

A young ad executive is thrilled to find the perfect spokesman for her latest campaign, until he tells her he is from 1897. A sad ghost, an odd maid and a tricky time fold keep the two bonded together in search of a time in which they can both be happy. Rising star Charlotte Douglas brings a sparkling freshness to time-travel romance in IT'S ABOUTTIME (3).

Trying to drum up business for her diaper service, a young woman is mistaken for a babysitter, and is shocked when the child's single father later accuses her of kidnapping. With enjoyable characters DADDY'S LITTLEMATCHMAKER (3) by Nikki Rivers is a light, charming tale that is sure to please.

Two years after a near fatal accident, a free-spirited author has bizarre dreams and visions of the beautiful doctor who cared for him. With these visions haunting him, he can do nothing but follow her. HART'S DREAM (2), by Mary Anne Wilson, is a mystical journey to love, although some may have difficulty with this very ethereal heroine.

Reviewed by: 
Debbie Richardson