Deb Kastner's HART'S HARBOR (3), the third book in the Safe Harbor series, opens with strong attraction between Dr. Kyle Hart and his nurse, Gracie Adams. They are comfortable in each other's company, but Kyle believes his chance for love ended with the death of his wife. Besides, Gracie's future lies in a Kenyan missionary field—far away from Safe Harbor. As compassionate as she is, Gracie can't see her mission in her own town. When her overbearing evangelist father arrives home unexpectedly, Gracie does something out of character—she lies. She draws Kyle into her deception, hoping everyone will believe they are engaged. Gracie believes their fabricated breakup at the end of the summer will propel her out of Safe Harbor. Will Kyle realize he is ready for love before Gracie leaves town for real? The characters are likable, but the charade started by the loving 27-year-old daughter of a missionary is hard to believe.

Reviewed by: 
Beth Goddard