Series intrigue writer Tess Gerritsen makes a splendid debut as a mainstream thriller writer in the hardcover novel HARVEST, a plausible tale of chicanery in the medical world.From its poignant opening scene to its conclusion, Harvest grabs the reader up and doesn't let go until each secret is revealed. Tess Gerritsen's medical background makes it all frighteningly believable. A bravura performance.

Abby DeMatteo is bright, pretty and hardworking. As a second year resident in surgery, she is well on her way to realizing all of her goals. When she becomes a member of a transplant team, she does her best to make sure things always go well. But when a harvested heart is sidetracked to go to a wealthy patient, instead of the next person on the waiting list, Abby's sense of right is aroused. She informs chief surgical resident Vivian Chao, and together they make sure the heart goes to the right patient.

Unfortunately there is a price to be paid for this and Vivian must resign. Now, Abby realizes that if this has happened once, it has happened before. Doing some investigative work, she discovers that there is more to this than organs going to wrong recipients - the organs aren't even being received through proper channels!

Enlisting the support of Vivian Chao, Abby pushes onward, even though each new discovery brings more dangerous repercussions.

(Sept., 352pp., $22.00)

Reviewed by: 
Toby Bromberg