Regina Cole-Spencer notifies her late husbands estranged son of his fathers death. Shes never met her stepson, Aaron Spencer, but shes following her husbands wishes. She never expects to be attracted to Aaron, but when he arrives, the chemistry that sparks between them is phenomenal. Shed married her husband out of dutyhelping him through his ten year battle with cancernever expecting to have a real marriage. Now, as a widow, shes forced back into the real world and isnt sure she wants anything but to go home to her parents and just be free, just be a child again, but her late husbands will holds some surprises she could never have anticipated.

Aaron Spencer thinks Regina is a golddigger like all the other women who fawned over his father. Why else would a woman marry a man fifty years her senior? When he meets Regina, Aaron learns hes way off base. She actually cared for his father. Whats even worse, Aaron finds himself unable to think of Regina in any terms except as his woman. That the attraction is mutual is more than he could have hoped for, but old emotional wounds keep Aaron from fully committing to Regina until one night of passion leads to Regina becoming pregnant.

Knowing he must do the right thing, Aaron proposes, but to his shock, Regina refuses. She will only marry him for the right reasons and shes not telling him what those reasons are. Aaron wonders if hell ever have the woman he loves or if hell always be fighting some phantom demon from her past that keeps her from commitment.

HARVEST MOON is yet another fantastic installment in the Cole Chronicles and as always, Ms. Alers has written a sensual, spellbinding romance that upholds the most excellent tradition of classic romance literature. (Nov., 320 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Cheryl Ferguson