Image of Harvest Moon


Image of Harvest Moon

This is a somewhat uneven anthology; the contributions from Lackey and Sagara are well written, but confusing for newcomers, while Haley’s tale is much stronger and well worth the time — Haley is definitely an author to watch!

“A Tangled Web” stars Leopold and Brunnhilde, secondary characters from Lackey’s most recent Five Hundred Kingdoms book. At Mt. Olympus Brunnhilde is kidnapped by Thanatos as part of an elaborate plot to snare Persephone for his master, Hades. “Cast in Moonlight” by Sagara tells of a teenage Kaylin Neya and her first case with the Hawks in the city of Elantra. Haley’s “Retribution” takes place a few months before the events of her debut, Mob Rules. Enforcer Domino Riley is pursued by supernatural hit man after executing a rival for her position. (LUNA, Oct., 378 pp., $17.95)
Reviewed by: 
Natalie A. Luhrs