The life of clinical psychologist Blaize McCue has changed dramatically since her run-in with a knife-wielding killer. During the course of that case, Blaize met Detective Stephanos Zoloski. Living together is an adventure and Blaize has been willing to put up with a lot, including 5:00 am runs in the park. This morning however, Blaize and Zoloski stumble across a body. The hands and teeth are missing, which will make identification difficult.

While Zoloski becomes immersed in this new murder, Blaize receives a worrisome call from old friend Lon Wilson, whose significant other, tax attorney Ken Wood, disappeared after they had a bad fight. Since Blaize worked as a PI in earlier years, Lon wants her to locate Ken. Blaize begins to suspect that the unidentified male body and missing Ken may be one and the same. When this proves to be true, Lon becomes the prime murder suspect.

Determined to help her old friend, Blaize continues to dig into Kens background and recent activities. What she discovers opens up a huge can of worms.

HAT TRICK is the second novel in the very talented Ms. Crawfords highly entertaining suspense series. Be sure to check out both BLAIZE OF GLORY and HAT TRICK online. (Jul., www.hardshell.com, cd $5.00, dl $3.50)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith