Image of Haunted  (Anna Strong)


Image of Haunted  (Anna Strong)

This penultimate chapter in the amazing Anna Strong Chronicles focuses on the unpredictable consequences of revenge and the quest for redemption. Anna still has an unenviable track record when it comes to relationships, but that won’t stop her from trying. Haunted offers true edge-of-your-seat drama, as friendships are tested and the specter of past deeds threatens to bring danger and death. Buckle up, because megatalented Stein is heading into severely hazardous (and unputdownable) territory!

Anna is looking forward to spending time with her new boyfriend, Stephen, when she gets a call from her ex, DEA agent Max. Max is concerned about their mutual friend, the shapeshifter Culebra. Anna has been avoiding both Culebra and Max since she learned about Culebra’s past as an assassin for a Mexican cartel. Culebra quit that life after his family was murdered, but when an old friend turns up asking for a favor, Culebra feels obligated. Max decides to help since their target is a head of the cartel — and Anna reluctantly agrees, as the plan involves saving a family. But nothing is as it seems, and treachery and trouble lurk around every corner. (ACE, Sep., 304 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith