Image of Haunted by the Earl's Touch


Image of Haunted by the Earl's Touch

Lethbridge follows standard gothic fare with the prerequisite gloomy Cornwall mansion, dark and dank tunnels, a ghostly apparition, bizarre accidents and of course the brooding hero and intrepid heroine. Lethbridge delivers an old fashioned gothic romance for die-hard fans.

Bluestocking schoolteacher Mary Wilder has no idea why she has been called to the Earl of Beresford’s deathbed. Bane Beresford has no love for the dying earl. The old man has a surprise for them both. Bane gets the land and Mary the money — if they marry. Though he has no desire to wed, Bane won’t allow Mary to leave. She can’t trust him since he would inherit everything upon her death. Then, the accidents begin. It is Bane who rescues Mary time and again, and Bane whose kisses she dreams of. They forge an uneasy bond, uncovering a killer and finding passion. (HARLEQUIN, Feb., 282 pp., $6.25)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin