Image of Haunted Honeymoon


Image of Haunted Honeymoon

Milagro de Los Santos is back and wittier than ever! Fans will enjoy visiting with all the usual characters, most of whom are back. The author cleverly gives her heroine amnesia, infusing new life into an already phenomenal vampire series.

Milagro is pretty special. As the only human to ever survive a vampire infection, she’s beset by people who are anxious to know what exactly makes her so unique. Her love life is in a bit of a mess as well. Although currently ensconced with Ian Ducharme, a powerful member of the Vampire Council, her heart belongs to ex-fiancé Oswald Grant and his crazy family. Life goes from crazy to zany after Milagro loses her memory and returns to the Grant ranch. Her vampire life all but forgotten, she reverts to her old fun- and party-loving ways. And having no memory means a potential boost to her romantic life too! (GALLERY, Oct., 368 pp., $15.00)
Reviewed by: 
Lauren Spielberg