Image of Haunted Moon: An Otherworld Novel


Image of Haunted Moon: An Otherworld Novel

In the newest Otherworld novel it’s zombies and ghosts, oh my! Up to the plate in Galenorn’s rotation of heroines is Camille, the powerful moon mother witch. Camille has survived horrific events and grown demonstrably stronger; however, the forces allied against her are formidable indeed. Book after book, Galenorn uses her tremendous gifts to keep the myriad plots and complex characterization moving forward at a fast clip.

After Chase has a deadly encounter with bone-walkers (zombies) and ghosts in a cemetery, Camille and the crew race to the rescue — only to find they are dealing with much more than they anticipated. Gulakah, the lord of the ghosts, is up to something big. When Camille and her pals attempt to figure it out, the trail leads to the infamous Aleksais Psychic Network. As Camille continues to train, her powers evolve and she knows she is being prepared for a powerful ritual. What she doesn’t expect is that one of her husbands — Mario, the fox-demon — must face it with her. (JOVE, Feb., 336 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith