Image of To Have and To Hold (Bridal Veil Island)


Image of To Have and To Hold (Bridal Veil Island)

Peterson and Miller introduce a new series: Bridal Veil Island. This is a well-rounded story with characters illustrating faith, forgiveness and the healing power of love.

Audrey Cunningham follows her father to his childhood home of Bridal Veil Island in the hopes it will help him on his path to sobriety. But when they arrive, they find wealthy investors are buying up the island, including their ancestral home. Marshall Graham has been offered work on Bridal Veil by his father’s old drinking buddy. His daughter, Audrey, has been nothing but rude to him, but he still has feelings for her. When he sees Audrey’s interest in a doctor, he could lose her heart forever. Will Audrey be able to choose between the two men who hold her heart and be able to hold on to her family’s home as well? (BETHANY HOUSE, Sep., 352 pp., $14.99)

Reviewed by: 
Terri Dukes