Image of Have Baby, Need Billionaire (Silhouette Desire)


Image of Have Baby, Need Billionaire (Silhouette Desire)
HAVE BABY, NEED BILLIONAIRE (4.5) by Maureen Child: Simon Bradley hates surprises and he’s just been knocked down with the biggest — his affair has resulted in a son. After her cousin dies, Tula Barrons is determined to do as she was asked and give the baby to his father, once she’s sure Simon will be a good dad. Tula, however, doesn’t know that Simon has always sought revenge on her estranged father. Can a staid businessman and a free-spirited children’s book writer come to terms? Simon’s not sure, but since Tula and his son have moved in, his house has come alive. A warm and funny story about what it means to be a family.
Reviewed by: 
Pat Cooper