With a reverence for Oprah and a plan to pursue her "authentic self," unemployed tech writer Katy Orville travels to England in search of her Prince Charming. She has no idea what her "passion" is, but she knows it involves British royalty, the high life and maybe a castle or two.

Hunky Will Eland, the Duke of Marreton, has been trying his hand at farming for the past several years and now looks the part. When Will's and Katy's paths collide, it's a case of mistaken identity, fast friendship and instant chemistry in this delightful, modern-day Cinderella story set in posh London society.

Cach has penned a light, funny and fully engaging novel. Readers will fall in love with these entertaining protagonists as they wind their way through their fairy-tale romance. (Sep., 352 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Marilyn Weigel