Three lives converge in Jo Leigh's complex, tightly woven story. Successful businessman Will Desmond brings a puppy to the luxurious Hush Hotel, which has a place for the guests' pets--and its own pet concierge, Mercy Jones. Will immediately notices Mercy and plans to use her to get something he has to have. Although she can't resist Will, Mercy can't believe they have any future. Meanwhile, Drina Dalakis is in the hotel for revenge. A Romanian Gypsy, she's planning to get back at the people who sent her beloved husband to jail and his death. At the center of the story is a small dog with an expensive collar. Heavy with emotion and heart, Have Mercy (4.5) is a winner in every way. Injured hearts learn to love and trust as Will and Mercy discover the complicated truth about each other.
Reviewed by: 
Page Traynor