Having survived his son Nicky's kidnapping and rescue, North Carolina Bureau of Investigation Special Agent Steven Thatcher feels a special empathy for child abduction cases. As a widower raising three boys, Steven has his hands full, especially with the atypical behavior of his oldest son, Brad.

High school teacher Dr. Jenna Marshall is very concerned over the sudden decline of Brad's grades and attitude. So concerned, in fact, that she arranges to contact his father for a conference.

Meanwhile, tragedy is stalking area high schools: one cheerleader has been kidnapped and murdered and now a second girl is missing. This killer is both arrogant and viciously cruel—he also has plans for Jenna. Can Steven and his task force expose this murderer before more girls die?

Terrifying and gripping are two words that accurately describe this new thriller from rising star Rose. The relationships and emotions in this book are multifaceted, convoluted and, at times, scary. Everyone has a past—and leaving it behind is not always easy. (Feb., 512 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith