Former socialite Nora Blackbird is battling to hold on to her job as a society columnist and decide between two suitors, either one of which could be the father of the baby she's carrying. But morning sickness takes second place to finding out who murdered nasty businessman Zell Orcutt when the suspect turns out to be Nora's dearest friend.

While her sister Libby tries to save her Erotic Yoga Society from eviction and sister Emma gets a job as the greeter at an SandM club, Nora contends with planted evidence, a rock star turned baker, a former exotic dancer and one dimwitted teenager who wants to be famous as she tries to find out who really murdered the owner of the tacky sports bar Cupcakes. Meanwhile, investigative reporter Richard D'eath wants an answer to his proposal and mobster's son Michael Abruzzo keeps popping up to heat up her libido.

Martin's fabulous offering is peppered with witty dialogue, oddball characters and a clever plot that blends two separate mysteries into one delightful tale of murder and the unusual relationship between sisters. (Mar., 272 pp., $19.95)
Reviewed by: 
Pat Cooper