Davidson's touching western romance delivers what readers expect from a writer who strives to understand the deepest feeling and dreams of our hearts. She evokes the atmosphere
of a small town and a couple whose love is tested when outside influences threaten them.

Sheriff Aaron McBain awakens in a hospital, looking into the eyes of a beautiful woman, his nurse Anna Whitfield, just when Anna (aka Susannah Carvel) thought she'd found her haven in the community. No one knows she fled a disastrous marriage when her ruthless Washington, D.C., senator husband was found murdered. Now she fears Aaron might recognize her.

When Aaron is released, Anna is his private nurse. She's not about to fall in love, but he stirs up emotions and longings in her. Aaron remembers Anna's face from the newspapers and makes an outrageous proposal: marry him and he will keep her safe until she can be cleared of having anything to do with her husband's death. He hopes this will allow her to savor the love that has grown between them. (HQN, Jan., 378 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin