Image of Haven


Image of Haven

The psychic operatives of the SCU and Haven are once more on the trail of a deadly killer, in Hooper’s haunting new Bishop/Special Crimes release. The always excellent Hooper pours on the creepy with an arrogant and chilling villain you won’t soon forget!

Jessie Rayburn ran away from her hometown of Baron Hollow, N.C., as a teen — knowing dark events happened there, though she’s unable to remember them. Her ability to see ghosts led her to become an investigator with Haven. Emma Rayburn stayed in Baron Hollow and only developed her own powers after hitting her head. She has been dreaming of young women being tortured and murdered, but assumes they are only dreams — until Jessie returns. After seeing the ghost of one of the murdered girls, Jessie lets Haven know and they send out Nathan Navarro, whose ability to find dead bodies leads to the first confirmation of a killer. Frighteningly the evil in Baron Hallow has been festering for years and the cost to defeat it could be very high. (BERKLEY, Aug., 336 pp., $26.95)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith