Image of Havoc (The Dred Chronicles)


Image of Havoc (The Dred Chronicles)

Second in the Dred Chronicles, Havoc is yet another example of Aguirre’s incredible talent in the genre of sci-fi dystopia. The Dred Chronicles is one of this reviewer’s favorite series, as it features a really strong heroine who is the undisputed leader of her own private “queendom.” There’s nothing better than a heroine who kicks ass and takes names, and Dred does both with ease. But not content to let her protagonist be two-dimensional, Aguirre has crafted an entertaining, believable character evolution for Dred as she begins to fully embrace leading the crew of the Perdition. With intense action scenes and a smattering of violence, Havoc will never bore readers.

The good ship Perdition, a mining vessel turned penal colony, is under siege. Part prison, part insane asylum, Perdition’s denizens are basically forgotten by the rest of society as they serve lengthy prison sentences. So it may be no big deal to the rest of the world if a battle rages on the ship. But one person won’t allow it to happen: Captain Dresdemona “Dred“ Devos won’t surrender — she never does — and when mercenaries board Perdition with orders to execute the prisoners, Dred will need both companion Jael and her “army” of inmates to help wage war. (ACE, Sep., 320 pp., $7.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jessie Potts