The last thing Maddy Morton wants is to run home to Daddy, but shes lost her job and has a child to support. And even from jail, her abusive ex-husband, Gabe Hernandez, is still a threat.

When Maddy and Nicholas arrive soaking wet at her fathers place, his reception only adds to their chill. Jesse Morton has been nursing a grudge against God through the successive deaths of his son and wife and he cant forgive Maddy for running away with a man he felt was no good.

County extension agent Kam Waiano falls for Maddy when he comes to test Mortons livestock for anthrax. But can he get past the shield shes erected to protect herself from being hurt again?

Maddy starts up a pig farm to supply luaus and perhaps save her fathers land from being sold for back taxes. As she builds a new life, long-dampened coals of faith are stirred by friends, particularly Kam Waiano. In HAWAIIAN SUNRISE, Lauraine Snelling creates a lively romance spiced with conflict and complications. (Apr., 256 pp., $9.99)

Reviewed by: 
Roberta Blair