This terrific three-part book starts with Honey and the Hired Hand. Honey Farrell is fighting cattle rustlers, contemplating marriage, and resisting her desires for a mysterious drifter. Hes just passing through, but is there more to Jesse than anyone knows?

In The Cowboy Takes A Wife, Desiree Parrish is living in fear. She proposes marriage to Carter Prescott, offering him half her ranch as payment. There are emotions to deal with and readers are sure to feel compassion for Desiree and Carter as they learn that maybe love can conquer all.

Two strangers, Billy Stonecreek and Cherry Whitelaw, are known for getting into trouble. Now Billy needs a mother for his twin daughters and Cherrys recent escapade has left her afraid to go home. Other than a few twinges I had while reading about an 18-year-old heroine, The Temporary Groom is a heartfelt and charming story. (Sep., 361 pp., $12.95)

Reviewed by: 
Pamela Tullos