Cloistered all her life, Hallie McIntyre is afraid of men, even one who is near death and hiding in the convent garden. She takes pity on him and nurses him back to health.

Clay Evans (aka John Walking Hawk) is a man driven by vengeance with a posse on his tail. He doesn't have time to be tempted by an alluring angel.

Hallie's dreams are haunted by Clay's passionate kisses, and she begins to question whether she should become a nun after all. When Clay rides off, Hallie rides out after him toward the adventure she has always secretly craved.

Clay can't and won't stop his quest in order to return Hallie to the convent. He drags her along, but soon her innocence and her compassion get under his skin.

She finds herself torn between love and honor and the only hope she has for a future with the man she loves is to convince him to forego his deadly quest and make peace with himself.

Powerful. Tender. Poignant. HAWK'S WOMAN is a beautiful love story full of warmth, compassion and innocent sensuality. Another Baker triumph! SENSUAL (July, 350 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Maria Ferrer