Exiled to a nunnery by her father, raven-haired beauty Joan of Summerfield escapes only to be overpowered by a marauding band of brutal men who intend to rape and then murder her. When she's rescued by a soldier, she can't remember her name or what has happened to her.

Rolfe de Vere is disturbed by Joan's astonishing beauty, and he wishes to make her his own. But he does not know who she is or whether she belongs to someone else. He calls her Jasmine, his exquisite flower, and takes her home to bed her. She becomes his perfect partner in lust, and he gives up his search for a wealthy heiress.

Jacobs pens a sexy story with many exotic love scenes between characters who are political pawns but struggle to find a way for their love to work. Readers will enjoy the historical detail. (dl $4.45)

Reviewed by: 
Cindy Whitesel