As part of a multimillion-dollar marketing campaign, Lucy Cunningham agrees to a public makeover. The goal: to create an action-packed year of publicity by losing 100 pounds and earning $1,000 for every pound lost. She meets gorgeous personal trainer Theo Redmond, who may well have his own issues to work through, but none of them involve his near-perfect physique. Lucy wonders if Theo will ever see beyond her "fat chick" image and into her heart, which can't stop beating with lust whenever he's in the room.

Donovan has a terrifically witty, wise and at times, emotional writing voice. The novel's themes include being brave in the face of adversity and dealing with the common struggle to be genuinely seen, not merely judged by appearance. There are a few secondary characters with perplexing motivations, but the main cast is a humorous, congenial bunch, and they keep the story interesting. (Apr., 338 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Marilyn Weigel