Marshall Bedford, Marquis of Walthan, is having a rough time with his sister Winifred's first London season and decides he needs a mistress to distract him. When he rescues a beautiful shop girl from being accused of theft, he sees it as an opportunity to help them both.

Evelyn Dennsworth is not like most shop girls; she carries herself differently, almost with a quiet auth-ority, and is no pushover. While she accepts the marquis' efforts on her behalf, she refuses to become his mistress as repayment.

But her attraction to Marshall wreaks havoc with her moral beliefs when he brings her to the country to be his stepmother's companion. Problems ensue, however, when a watch goes missing and Evelyn is accused of theft yet again.

HE SAID YES is the first in a new series called The Gentleman's Club. The well-defined characters, fast pace and intriguing romance between members of different classes make this a great story with a strong conflict. Waddell is a talented author, and I look forward to more of her gentlemen. SENSUAL (Sep., 380 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill Brager