Image of Head in the Clouds


Image of Head in the Clouds

Witemeyer writes a powerful novel about deceit, betrayal and love. The main character is a combination of strength and vulnerability, with a fierce desire to protect Isabella. The love that develops between Adelaide and Gideon is fast, but believable.

Adelaide is determined to start a new life in Fort Worth, Texas. When she finds out the man she thinks she is to marry is already married to someone else, she takes the job as governess to Isabella, a mute girl who has been traumatized by her mother’s death. Gideon Westcott becomes a father overnight when Isabella’s mother dies. When Isabella’s evil uncle comes to take her inheritance, Gideon and Adelaide must team up to protect the child. (BETHANY HOUSE, Oct., 352 pp., $14.99)
Reviewed by: 
Angie Howatt