Ministers wife Nan Springfield fears her marriage is on the rocks. Despite her best efforts, Nan can feel her husband Phil slipping away. Phil also seems to have little interest in their eight-year-old son Topher or their three foster children. One night, Nan and Phil are arguing when Phil receives a phone call telling him to listen to shock jock Harris Tweeds radio show. On it, Nan hears her husband accused of possible financial irregularities with the Old Deburle Churchs Scholarship Fund.

Panicked and angry, Phil races out of their home and is killed in a car accident. Harry Woolery, aka Harris Tweed, is horrified when he hears of Reverend Phil Springfields untimely death and of the financial burden now placed on his widow. While Harry is convinced that the Reverend was playing fast and loose with the money, he certainly never wished the man harm. When Harry catches a glimpse of Nan and the kids, he feels terribly guilty for their financial woes. Nan uses what life insurance money she receives to protect the scholarship fund started by her family. Unfortunately, that leaves her in a bind. The church needs the house for the new minister and Nan and the children have nowhere to go.

Using his alter ego Harris Tweed, Harry starts a public fund-raising campaign to help out the Springfield family. Meanwhile, he gets personally involved with the family as Harry Woolery. The more time Harry spends with Nan and her kids, the more he finds his heart is involved. But what will happen when Nan finds out about his Harris persona?

Award-winning historical author Stephanie Mittman proves that her storytelling magic translates easily into contemporary tales. Rich with emotion and complexity, HEAD OVER HEELS is a winner! (Jan., 384 pp., $6.50)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith