Image of Head Over Heels (A Lucky Harbor Novel)


Image of Head Over Heels (A Lucky Harbor Novel)

This is the third Lucky Harbor novel in Shalvis’ small Oregon town series. The themes are a little too familiar, but the writing is, as always, very good. Shalvis makes her characters seem like reflections of ourselves, or at least our relatives. She also makes the scenarios real, not too sweet or too violent. Definitely a good choice for a rainy afternoon.

Chloe didn’t know her half-sisters existed until they all inherited an inn on the Oregon coast. Raised on the road by her free-spirited mother, Chloe dances to her own drum, which leads to conflict, especially with the uptight, upright sheriff, Sawyer Thompson. If he didn’t look so yummy it would be easier to shrug off his disapproval. Sawyer has been sheriff of Lucky Harbor for a few years now, and taking care of the town is his life. He deeply appreciates the second chance he has gotten here, after being a teenage delinquent. Chloe is like a burr in his side, always up to something. Is there any room for compromise between the free spirit and the stuck-in-his-ways sheriff? (FOREVER, Dec., 368 pp., $7.99)

Reviewed by: 
Bunny Callahan