Image of The Headhunter's Daughter: A Mystery (Belgian Congo Mystery)


Image of The Headhunter's Daughter: A Mystery (Belgian Congo Mystery)

With a unique setting and full of African lore, Myers’ newest novel transports readers to the Belgian Congo. The mystery centers on a young European girl raised by the Bashilele tribe of headhunters. The details of tribal life and rituals are fascinating. Who this girl is and how she came to live with the tribe is the heart of this mystery. A botched kidnapping, haunted gravel pits and feuding missionaries all add to the developing sense of catastrophe that will hold readers riveted to the very end.

In 1945, a young nanny takes her infant charge to the gravel pits to await further instructions from Mastermind. The nanny is killed by a mamba snake and the infant is abandoned. A young Bashilele tribesman finds her and the tribe decides the infant will be raised as one of their own. Thirteen years later, an American missionary, Amanda Brown, hears about the girl’s existence and sets out with Captain Pierre Jardin, and her maid/translator, Cripple, to bring the girl back to the civilized world. The girl agrees to return with Amanda, but she finds her new world unappealing and wants nothing more than to return to her tribe. Unfortunately, her reappearance has already set in motion events that will reveal her biological parents and the secrets surrounding her disappearance as an infant. (MORROW, Feb., 256 pp., $13.99)
Reviewed by: 
Sandra Martin