Alana Clayton introduces us to another spunky Regency miss who uses her gift of sight to catch a murderer and save the life of the man she loves.

After four months in a coma, no one really expects Lady Elizabeth to awaken. Knocked unconscious by persons unknown immediately after discovering her stepmother Helen and Lord Roarke together, she must now deal with the news that her stepmother is dead and Roarke is suspected of her murder. And though her heart objects, her steely determination to track down the killer forces her to consider his possible responsibility as well.

And the Earl of Roarke does indeed have secrets. His relationship with Helen was obviously more than it seemed, and where does he go once a week when he slips out of London?

Lady Elizabeths first step is to hire a Bow Street Runner. Her second and far more difficult step is to loose her gift of sight through her drawing pad. Will she be able to prove Roarke innocent and discover the identity of the real killer?

Although the romance seems subordinate to the plot and the heroines behavior at times inconsistent, the intriguing mystery and related paranormal theme are quite entertaining. (Apr., 223, $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Melinda Helfer