Trauma psychologist Rachel O'Malley finds that after years of helping others work through their grief, she may be embarking on a journey of her own. And she's not sure how she's going to make it. Long hours assisting other people in need don't help.

Firefighter captain Cole Parker wants to ensure that he's there for Rachel. He seems to have a quiet assurance of his growing understanding of her, yearning to say and do the right things. But the calm before the real storm is just about over. Will Cole be able to help Rachel through one of the toughest tragedies of all?

Sadly, book five in the O'Malley series is somewhat disappointing. From the prologue that sets the stage of events to come and then is forgotten until halfway through the book, to dialogue between the heroine and hero, this title lacks the author's trademark luster.

On the bright side, Ms. Henderson writes with painful lucidity about the struggles endured while watching a loved one slip away. Many times, the truth of Jen's story bored holes into my heart… something that can only be attributed to the writer's proficiency to bring a character to life. Despite its shortcomings, readers won't want to miss this emotional story of love—and loss. (Jun., 350 pp., $11.99)

Reviewed by: 
Bev Huston