In the year 2015, a breed of super soldiers has been created. Some of them wish to emulate Hitler and create the perfect race, while others become Black Knights, guardians of normal humans.

Black Knight Dr. Diego Montez is on a mission to find Marcella Hunter, a healer with telekinetic power. With her help, the Knights hope to learn to control their special psychic powers, something their enemy can already do. When Diego meets Marcella, he realizes that the enemy knows about her and is also after her -- and that she is his one true mate. Now he must convince her that what she feels for him is real and to come with him to the Knights underground stronghold.

Second in the Underground Guardians series, this is a well-crafted and imaginative story. The wonderful hero struggles to find a balance between his needs and the heroine's need to make her own choices. Marcella is rather naive, but she's also intelligent and strong. The ending leaves you longing to learn more about these warriors and the world they try to defend. (dl $5.95)
Reviewed by: 
Susan Mobley