In her debut, Dickerson spins a magical tale loosely based on the story of Sleeping Beauty. Laced with plenty of romance, action, faith and fantasy, it’s a perfectly romantic and well-told tale. Although it is written for a YA audience, it well satisfies the desire for sweet romance in all of us.

Woodcutter’s daughter Rose is brought to Hagenheim Castle to be apprentice to the healer, which is a wonderful and rare opportunity. The apprentice’s duties often make her queasy and ill, but she cannot fail. Failure would result in an arranged marriage to a disgusting older man. Lord Hamlin, who will one day become duke of the region, is injured, and Rose must tend to his wounds. During this close time together she falls in love with him. Though they share faith, he’s pledged to another — and their relationship is complicated by a curse. (ZONDERVAN, Sep., 272 pp., $9.99)
Reviewed by: 
Linda Mae Baldwin