Image of The Healer's Touch


Image of The Healer's Touch

Copeland weaves a legend into her latest historical work, a strange phenomenon called the Ozark Spooklight. Therein lays the problem: Constructing such a “supernatural” story in the Christian genre just might prove to be a hard sell. On the positive side, the story has good characterization and the romance is lovely, but the storyline gets bogged down by too many unbelievable scenarios. The Healer’s Touch might not be Copeland’s finest work, but if readers can suspend their disbelief, the story still possesses that whimsical quality that her books are well known for.

People in town who know Lyric Bolton know that her mother is not well. Because many regard her family with fear, Lyric has led a solitary, lonely life on a rural farm. But things change when U.S. Marshal Ian Cawley’s horse is spooked by a light — and rider and horse both crash into her barn. When Ian awakens, he can’t remember who he is, nor does he recognize the beautiful lady staring down at him. Even though Lyric is suspicious of Ian, her wariness doesn’t stop her from nursing him back to health. Has Lyric finally found, in Ian, someone to whom she can open her heart? (HARVEST HOUSE, Aug., 288 pp., 13.99)
Reviewed by: 
Susannah Balch