Image of The Healing & the Dying (Tooth and Claw)


Image of The Healing & the Dying (Tooth and Claw)

Good sex notwithstanding, this novel drags in a lot of places. Those familiar with this series will remember that it left off with the main characters running away. Be warned, this latest installment does not offer the finale that some readers may be looking for. But the author does a great job of getting new readers up to speed with the continuing storyline. There are a couple of new ideas, like that of a newly turned vampire who can still transition into a werewolf, which make this story worthwhile.

Levi, Ian and Darius are still on the run from werewolves. The three were forced to kill several who hunted the trio for disobeying werewolf laws. With a serious injury from a motorcycle accident, Levi is afraid he will slow them all down and convinces Ian to convert him from a werewolf to a vampire. Heading north, they attempt to find temporary protection at a vampire sanctuary but are rejected.The three embark on several chases, both on foot and by car, to evade the police. Their only hope is to make it to Alaska to Levi’s grandmother’s house, assuming she doesn’t turn them all away. (SAMHAIN, Jun., 272 pp., $15.00)
Reviewed by: 
B. Nakia Garner