Book six of the Rough River Coyotes may leave readers with mixed feelings. The main characters were lovable and easy to connect with right away, but the others mentioned were under-developed and did not seem necessary to move the plot forward. Paranormal fans might be disappointed that McLeod focused heavily on the medical aspects of the story, instead of the shifting and blossoming m/m romance. The Rough River Ranch in Utah felt vivid and picturesque, while the dialogue between characters was dull and obscure. Here's hoping that Book seven is more appealing.

When veterinarian Douglas "Dooley" Rae stumbles across an injured coyote in the middle of the road, he feels compelled to help the hurt animal. Dooley knows this isn't any ordinary beast. Coyote shifter Tristan Hart suffers from epilepsy and decides to keep to himself so he won't have to count on anyone for help. However, Dooley is kind, compassionate and generous and Tristan is undeniably drawn to him. Dooley wants a life with Tristan, but in order for the shifter to survive, he must take part in a risky experiment that would require him to become human again. (SIREN PUBLISHING, Sept., dl., $5.50)

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Reviewed by: 
Jaime A. Geraldi