A newspaper reporter and now partner in the Rawlings Gazette, Kathleen Dolen loves her work. But it isnt long before she alienates the towns most influential man. And when shes nearly hijacked, it becomes clear someones worried shell discover the towns dirty secrets.

Luckily, local rancher John Henry saves her from an attack. John Henry tries to deny his attraction to Kathleen. He is a half-breed with a fifth-grade education while she is independent and well-educated. But soon that attraction turns to deep love as she firmly embeds herself in his heart and he in hers. As they work together to uncover the menacing evil, John Henry does his best to protect Kathleen from harm.

WITH HEART combines murder and corruption with a sweet, tender love story and compelling secondary characters. A spin-off of With Song, Ms. Garlock gives readers an overview of the late 1930s as WWII rises on the horizon. SENSUAL (Nov., 380 pp., $6.50)

Reviewed by: 
Joan Hammond