Nell Pennington must find her uncles will which proves she is the sole heir of River Run, or forfeit the Kentucky horse farm that is the only home she has ever known. Her rescue comes in the form of a handsome, driven businessman named Derrick Gentry. The solution he offers her is too tempting to resist, but will her heart survive the arrangement?

Derrick Gentrys main purpose in acquiring River Run, however temporary the situation, is to win the Kentucky Derby with its prize stallion Beldare. Defeating his enemys entry will be one more blow to a man he despises. What Derrick doesnt count on is falling for the enchanting Nell. He doesnt even believe in love, but then what is this mysterious pull that goes beyond the passion they share?

Ms. Waddell tells her charming story in a crisp, clean style that keeps the interesting plot flowing neatly. The conflict between the likeable characters is well defined without getting in the way of the development of their relationship. I thought the tale was wrapped up rather swiftly, and doesnt necessarily end the way one might expect, but this was a good read. (Aug., 250 pp., $2.56)

Reviewed by: 
April Redmon