Emma Davenport would do anything to help the wounded Confederate soldiers, even attempt a trip to Washington, D.C. to bring back much needed medicines. Before the war, Emma was engaged to Will Darcy, a staunch Yankee, and it is Emma's plan to visit the Darcys in order to complete her mission.

Emma thought her love for will had died when war was declared, but the sparks fly between them the instant they see one another again. Loyalties and secrets, however, keep them apart.

Emma is on her way home to Richmond when she is captured and imprisoned as a spy. Though Will attempts to help her escape, he is betrayed by a man he once trusted, Lawrence Price.

Price convinces Emma that he arranged her rescue and that she must marry him for her own protection. But once back home, Emma realizes what a mistake she has made. Lawrence turns her life into a living hell with his brutal accusations and physical abuse.

Unable to wait any longer for word of Emma, Will risks his life sneaking into Richmond. Injured in a bomb blast, he is brought to Emma's home to recuperate. Tensions and tempers flare as Will, Lawrence and Emma must confront th truth, unmask a traitor and find true love in the midst of war.

Though a bit predictable, Civil War buffs will enjoy the drama and the historical backdrop of HAND AND HEART OF A SOLDIER. SENSUAL (July, 364 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin