Image of Heart of Brass (Signet Eclipse)


Image of Heart of Brass (Signet Eclipse)

Multitalented Cross (aka Kathryn Smith) joins the steampunk wave with the first book in her rip-roaring Clockwork Agents series. An espionage war between two organizations provides the backdrop for this thrilling tale set in steam-powered London. Cross layers her exciting romantic tale with mystery, treachery and even a serial killer. Riveting from beginning to end, this book is an exceptional launch to a series that is sure to provide pure escapist fun!

Arden Grey is both a countess and an agent of the Wardens, an organization dedicated to protecting England. Seven years ago Arden’s husband Lucas, also an agent, disappeared during an assignment. Lucas is presumed dead, killed by the corrupt agency called The Company. Arden also works with Scotland Yard, using her inventions to help solve crime. While hunting a serial killer, Arden glimpses a man she thinks is Luke. Shortly thereafter Luke does appear, except he has been mechanically enhanced and has no memory of who he is. Luke has become an assassin for The Company — and his current assignment is to kill Arden. Can Arden break through and find the man she loves? (SIGNET ECLIPSE, May, 400 pp., $7.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith