To clear her father's gambling debts, Heather Ashford must close her all-girls' school in St. Louis and marry a man she loathes, or bind herself to another she's never met. She opts for the stranger.

Now that the Range Wars are over, Sloan McCord is running for senator. To provide for his split heritage daughter and gain the ranching community's favor, he chooses to wed a "high-society" lady who is nothing like his beloved first wife.

Guilt-ridden for not saving his child's mother, Sloan vows to keep Heather as nothing more than a nurse-maid and vote-getter. Her courage and honor strip away his defenses and soon he needs her on every level. Despite the loving interference from his family and friends, Sloan refuses to heed his soul's call and his need for Heather's love.

Ms. Jordan gives us an emotionally challenging and visceral tale of healing, forgiveness, and finding new love in this second book in The Blazing Mountains Trilogy. Both Heather and Sloan are warmly embraced by characters we already know, yet they shine all by themselves as an extraordinary couple. A remarkable read that takes us into rarely explored areas of the soul. VERY SENSUAL (Feb., 367 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Anne Black