A genetic disorder has cost Straif Blackthorne his entire family and just possibly his future. As the only survivor of a virus that wiped out his clan, Straif has spent the last 15 years unsuccessfully looking for a cure to protect future generations. On his way to reopen the neglected T'Blackthorne residence, Straif learns that he has been chosen by a Fam, a psi-gifted cat, as her new FamMan. One thing's for sure—the demanding cat Drina is not about to settle for second best.

Following Drina's orders, Straif approaches Mitchella Clover about restoring the T'Blackthorne residence. There is an electric attraction between Straif and Mitchella, but she knows that it is doomed because she too suffers from a defect—a virus has left her sterile. A challenge by an unknown adversary suddenly endangers all that Straif holds dear. In the end, he will have to choose what really matters to him.

All the passionate, magical and powerful characters you have come to expect from an Owens novel are on full display in this electric tale. (Jul., 352 pp., $6.99)
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July 2005