Image of Heart of Courage (Heart Trilogy, Book 3)


Image of Heart of Courage (Heart Trilogy, Book 3)

This book, the last of Martin's Heart series, is fun, intriguing and full of enough twists to keep you glued to your chair. Sparks fly and hearts are conquered in this sensual conclusion to
a great trilogy.

Lindsey Graham writes under the name of "Lady Smart" for a ladies' gazette. Her life revolves around parties and gossip until her rakehell brother is arrested for the Covent Garden murders. Lindsey is prepared to do anything to prove her brother's innocence, even if it means visiting all the opium dens and brothels in London. But she is not going alone.

Thor Draugr, her boss's silent hunk of a brother, appoints himself her bodyguard. Tempers flare and passion heats up between the irritating Lindsey and the overbearing Thor as they look for the killer. They become lovers, but Thor soon realizes he will never fit in her world. He steps back from Lindsey, but she knows his heart and is determined to keep her Viking warrior at her side forever. (Mira, Jan., 412 pp., $7.99)

Reviewed by: 
Maria Ferrer