Sarilyn Travers' husband had been convicted and hanged as a member of the Molly Maguires (a group of rebellious Pennsylvania miners). Believing that Sari had betrayed the Mollys to Pinkerton agent Conor Rourke, the group has branded Sari a traitor and marked her for death.

Sari escapes to the Colorado wilderness, hoping she has buried the past. Conor arrives to protect her from an assassin, but who can protect her from Conor and the painful memory of their bittersweet love?

Sari gradually begins to trust the roguish Conor and to rekindle the love she felt for him, but when her brother Michael reaches her hideaway, Sari is faced with a choice: loyalty or love.

Michael is not the brother she remembers, but a killer driven by violence, and Conor is a man obsessed with vengeance. Sari, caught between protecting her brother and holding onto her fragile love for Conor, is willing to risk everything to find a way to peace.

Megan Chance never disappoints readers who are searching for an emotionally moving and original romance. Ms. Chance doesn't miss an opportunity to engage your emotions with her eloquent prose and deep understanding of the human heart. This is a story that will give you reading pleasure and lasting joy. SENSUAL (July, 384 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin