For 300 years, the Drakewyck family has lived under Morgana Feys curse. Even though they are witches, they cannot escape the pre-destined meeting of a Drakewyck and a Clairmont; a meeting that will mean their deaths.

Lucinda Drakewyck must look into the depths of her crystal dove, a family heirloom, to discover the future and that of the handsome, nameless man she meets one afternoon. Is he the one who will be both savior and curse?

Richard Clairmont has returned from India broken in spirit, haunted by the senseless slaughter of his men. Lucinda might be the one shining light in his life, but she knows that their love can bring about the culmination of the curse.

Together they face Morganas evil and discover what the power and light of love can do.

Tracy Fobes brings a fresh and exciting approach to paranormal romance. Her ingenious plots and engaging characters captivate readers and allow them to give their imaginations free reign. HEART OF THE DOVE is a compelling and utterly mesmerizing look at witchcraft from a new angle. (Sep., 377 pp., $6.50)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin