When Llewelyn's faithful warrior, the Dragon, finds a woman climbing the castle walls, he thinks she's a spy. Actually, Lily has fled the convent, her home, in search of her identity.

Though the Dragon plans to keep Lily safe, Llewelyn throws her in prison. The Dragon defies his liege lord, setting Lily free and rescuing her from the Viking hired by Llewelyn to get rid of Lily. They learn her identity: she's a powerful noblewoman's sister and Llewelyn's pawn in a 20 year game to secure his power. On their flight to her sister's home, Lily and the Dragon face danger, fall in love, marry and then try to unmask the villain who wants Lily, her sister and the Dragon dead.

Beginning with a strong premise and intriguing characters, Ms. Schultze sweeps us into an intriguing story that slowly loses its pace. More suspense, a mystery not so easily resolved and deeper emotions would enhance the historical color and detail of Ms. Schultz's debut. SENSUAL (March, 350 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin