Image of Heart of the Exiled


Image of Heart of the Exiled

There are a few niggling distractions in this second in the Blood of the Kindred book: the author fails to properly describe the code that its people live by; the differences between the races are unclear; and the novel doesn’t have quite enough backstory for a stand-alone. But the meat of this novel is very well done. In fantasy, the tropes of vampires and elves have both been done to death, but Nagle makes both fresh and the characters, not their situations or their preferences for blood, carry the novel. Mindspeaking is a fascinating twist, and Nagle manages to keep readers on their toes. A promising read, with an obvious third book to look forward to.

Eliani has barely had enough time to seal her handfasting to Turisan before she is sent on a mission. Her rare ability to mindspeak with Turisan over vast distances is desperately needed by her people, who face a threat of invasion by a lesser species. While on the journey, it is revealed that much more is at play than first believed, as the vampiric Alben ælven tribe is behind the entire plot. (DEL REY, Jan., 420 pp., $7.99)
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Victoria Frerichs