Daniel Falcon has never met a woman like Addie Taggart. Unfortunately, she's the sister of his best friends, Kane and Matt, who will tear him apart if he makes Addie even think of crying over his love 'em and leave 'em hide. Try as he can, Daniel can't leave the luscious lady alone. After rescuing her from an overzealous admirer, he finds himself in her bed, learning for the first time in his life what lovemaking is all about. Nothing in any previous relationship has prepared him for the explosive chemistry. Like any sensible man, he runs hard and fast.

Addie doesn't pursue him, like other women have. Yet when she comes to his office, he's pleased, until he learns the reason for her visit-she's pregnant. He's floored. Obviously, the child isn't his. He offers to help her, to stand by her, but he doesn't acknowledge the child...until his heart won't allow him to deny the truth. Determined to claim his woman and his unborn child, Daniel goes after Addie, hoping he's not too late, praying he hasn't destroyed his only chance for happiness.

Ms. Ray has created another sure-to-be bestseller sizzler that will singe your mind with the laughter, tenderness and passion that smolders between the pages. (Feb., 256 pp. $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Cheryl Ferguson