It is on the Field of the Cloth of Gold that Scots knight Ambrose Macpherson first spies the stunning Elizabeth Boleyn. Promised by her power-crazed father to King Henry, the virginal Elizabeth must find a way out of the coil she is trapped in and Ambrose might be the answer.

After one night in Ambrose's tent, Elizabeth believes she is free, but when she witnesses a traitor's act she finds she must flee. Taking her sick sister Mary with her, and shearing off her hair, Elizabeth goes to Florence where she uses her skills as an artist to find a place for herself (disguised as Phillipe) with Michelangelo.

Fate brings Ambrose back into her life when he comes to Florence to find a portrait painter to bring back to Scotland. From the beauty of Michelangelo's workroom to the French countryside and then on to Scotland, Ambrose and Elizabeth are once more caught by an undeniable passion and plunged into danger as the past threatens their lives and their future.

Though May McGoldrick has taken liberties with history, HEART OF GOLD is a riveting and brilliantly told romance. Following a unique storyline, Ms. McGoldrick ensnares the readers in a complex story of desire, disguise, adventure, political intrigue and passion. SENSUAL (Nov., 380 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin