Having just returned from a dig, archaeologist Carter Wessex just wants some rest, not another project. But when Carter is notified about a potential Revolutionary War find on Farrell Mountain in the Adirondacks, she is intrigued. This find might uncover what really happened to the lost Winship Party. The major stumbling block to investigating is that it is located on private property and one less reputable archaeologist has already trespassed on Nick Farrell's mountain.

An extremely wealthy corporate raider, Nick has a reputation for ruthlessness. The only reason he decides to allow Carter's foundation access is because he's looking to do business with her estranged father.

Carter and Nick strike sparks from the beginning, but Carter wants nothing to do with men like her father. Nick attempts to start a relationship for all the wrong reasons, but he quickly finds he is in danger of truly losing his heart.

Jessica Bird is on a roll and keeps getting better with each new book. Powerful emotions spill out from her characters, making them fascinating and poignant. A hot new talent! (Jun., 438 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith